There’s No Place Like Space

The Cat in The Hat’s Learning Library is a great series to explore to introduce your young learners to various adult concepts and topics. The fun rhythm and rhyme of the Cat in the Hat makes it a wonderful way for little ones to access facts about the world around them and to start building a foundation for understanding these more complex concepts. There’s No Place Like Space, by Tish Rabe, is one of my favorites because it introduces young learners to the sun, the moon and the planets that make up our Solar System. 

Reading is a wonderful part of a family routine. I read a book or two as part of my nighttime routine with Warren. He knows that we will read before he goes to sleep and he looks forward to it each night. Sometimes though, it’s fun to create an activity around a book and really start building those foundations in early literacy. This is a fun, quick Space-themed activity you can do in conjunction with the book There’s No Place Like Space. In addition to learning about Space, this activity will also have young learners recalling details as well as working to develop fine motor skills. Of course if you don’t have the book, you can still do the activity without it or you can listen to me read the book aloud on my Youtube Channel

Activity Instructions: You can also download a PDF of the instructions along with any printable materials here. 

Step 1: A Dynamic Reading! 

The rhythm and rhyme of There’s No Place Like Space make it easy to read and fun for kids to follow along. Encourage your young learner to participate in the reading by asking questions or asking him/her to point out words or objects. For more advanced readers, you could ask them to make predictions. 

Step 2: Create the Planets!

Depending on your young learner’s skill level, you may want to prepare this ahead of time. You need to create 9 circles of varying sizes (8 planets and 1 sun). You can use household objects as stencils or just eyeball it! If you feel he/she is ready, young learners can work on their fine motor skills as they cut out the shapes. Help your young learner recall details from the text in order to appropriately color the planets. Again, if you don’t have the book, you can listen to me read it aloud here. As an alternative, you could search the different planets online and read the description to your little one or use a web image for reference. 

Step 3: Create the Mobile!

Help your young learner create the Solar System by poking small holes in the tp of each of the planets and the sun. Loosely tie a string (about 6 inches in length) through the holes of each planets. Take a paper planet or hanger and tie the other ends of the string to it; start with the Sun. Have your young learner recall details (or double check in the book) the order of the planets starting with the one closest to the Sun. Lastly, I poked 3 holes through the top of the plate (to form points of a triangle) and then fed three more pieces of equal length string through it and tie them together. This way I could hang it up and we are all able to admire its beauty!

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